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How to uninstall an exe silently using xml file

10/17/2018 2201 views
“C:\Windows\Application name\uninstall.exe" "/U:C:\Program Files\Application name\Uninstall\uninstall.xml"

Is there any switch to uninstall the above uninstall string silently.
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I never packaged "Application name" so the only answer for your question is: MAYBE :)

Package developer uses various techniques, some of them are including silent (un-)installation option, some of them ignores it...
First of all you should run "uninstall.exe /?" or "uninstall.exe /h"  or "uninstall.exe /help" - in most cases this should display command line switches. You can check the vendor's documentation/website/forum to find any deployment/silent installation options.

You can try the most commonly used parameters: /S or /silent or /Q or /QN or /quiet or /A . You can also extract all the string values from the "uninstall.exe" using SysInternals Strings.exe.

Ofc you can create an AutoIT script to hide the dialogs and click appropriate buttons but for me this is the last option if none of the above wouldn't work.
Answered 10/17/2018 by: rad33k
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