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Well... without some background information its a little hard to answer, but there are two ways you could do this. A silent install with MSI is done like this. Edit the command string to match your file.

msiexec /i install_file.msi /qn

If this doesn't work, and you need to enter some other data, I recommend creating a .mst file using a MSI editor (InstEd, Orca, Google around for others). If you need more advice on how to do that look around this site and use Google. There are lots of instructional guides out there.

Answered 12/13/2012 by: Ben M
Ninth Degree Black Belt

  • Also I have found that sometimes kace can be picky.

    Here is how I usually format my installs.

    "msiexe.exe /i install_file.msi TRANSFORM=transform.mst /quiet"

    Also, check "Don't Prepend msiexec.exe" For some reason the auto prepend doesn't always work right.
  • If your using Kace then definitely follow ohiosoundguy's advice. I almost never use the auto prepend anymore. It seems to cause more problems then it fixes.
    • @Ben M - It took a long time for me to realize that and was getting extremely frustrated that none of my installs were working. Now I always do it this way to be safe.
  • Newbie at this... Looks like I need an mst to modify the msi. Need help to determine what values to change with mst.
    • You do not need a transform file if you are just trying to make the vanilla installation silent. Here are all of the switches that an MSI will support: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/227091

      For a simple silent install the command would look like this:

      msiexec /i "my_file.msi" /qn

      /i will install the MSI and /qn will make it Quiet, No interface.
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It might help if you let us know that you're installing. Someone here might have experience with the software in question. 

Answered 12/13/2012 by: chucksteel
Red Belt

  • Logger Pro 3. It includes an msi but the msi requires user input.
  • Funny, I've done this one before. http://www.vernier.com/til/1681/ Basically, if you contact Vernier Tech Support they'll give you a folder that contains a batch script which will deploy the MSI silently. It is a big file (260MB) but it works well.
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