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I need to package autodesk autocad 2012 and 2013 I already have AdminImage foldser in both. In that admin image folder I have .exe and .ini and so I've followed AdminImage\setup.exe /Q /I /W AdminImage\[name of file].ini /language en-us to install silent but, it's not installing and do i need to drag the exe to cmd or just need to mention setup.exe and how to know whether the installtion is processing or not and in temp I've seen a file and in that all the applications name are mentioned and for some it shows installed and for the remaining it shows not-installed. So do i need to to install all of them before running setup.exe?

Please help me do i need to write same as above in the cmd or i need to drag the exe and ini?

Please help i got stucked with these two applications?

I've gone through all the links in itninja but i didn't understand because i used all commands but none of them works and i dono how to check whethr it works or not and id ont know what need to do before running this command please help me?

Here below is the msg that i received in temp\autocad 2012 setup file

2013/1/31:04:09:18 mdisrail HOUPKGWIN701 === Setup started on HOUPKGWIN701 by mdisrail ===
2013/1/31:04:09:18 mdisrail HOUPKGWIN701 Launch
2013/1/31:04:09:19 mdisrail HOUPKGWIN701 === Setup ended ===

2013/1/31:04:09:19 mdisrail HOUPKGWIN701 === Setup started on HOUPKGWIN701 by mdisrail ===
2013/1/31:04:09:19 mdisrail HOUPKGWIN701 Launch
2013/1/31:04:09:20 mdisrail HOUPKGWIN701 AutoCAD® 2012 :  INSTALLSTATE_NOT_INSTALLED 
2013/1/31:04:09:20 mdisrail HOUPKGWIN701 Autodesk® Design Review :  INSTALLSTATE_NOT_INSTALLED 
2013/1/31:04:09:20 mdisrail HOUPKGWIN701 Autodesk® Inventor® Fusion 2012 :  INSTALLSTATE_NOT_INSTALLED 
2013/1/31:04:09:20 mdisrail HOUPKGWIN701 Autodesk Inventor Fusion plug-in for AutoCAD 2012 :  INSTALLSTATE_NOT_INSTALLED 
2013/1/31:04:09:20 mdisrail HOUPKGWIN701 Internet Explorer 6 :  INSTALLSTATE_INSTALLED 
2013/1/31:04:09:20 mdisrail HOUPKGWIN701 SSE2 Support Check :  INSTALLSTATE_INSTALLED 
2013/1/31:04:09:20 mdisrail HOUPKGWIN701 .NET Framework Runtime 2.0 :  INSTALLSTATE_NOT_INSTALLED 
2013/1/31:04:09:20 mdisrail HOUPKGWIN701 .NET Framework Runtime 4.0 :  INSTALLSTATE_NOT_INSTALLED 
2013/1/31:04:09:20 mdisrail HOUPKGWIN701 .NET Framework Runtime 4.0 Language Pack :  INSTALLSTATE_NOT_INSTALLED 
2013/1/31:04:09:20 mdisrail HOUPKGWIN701 Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 SP1 Redistributable (x86) :  INSTALLSTATE_NOT_INSTALLED 
2013/1/31:04:09:20 mdisrail HOUPKGWIN701 Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 SP1 Redistributable (x64) :  INSTALLSTATE_NOT_INSTALLED 
2013/1/31:04:09:20 mdisrail HOUPKGWIN701 DirectX Runtime :  INSTALLSTATE_NOT_INSTALLED 
2013/1/31:04:09:20 mdisrail HOUPKGWIN701 FaroSDK :  INSTALLSTATE_NOT_INSTALLED 
2013/1/31:04:09:20 mdisrail HOUPKGWIN701 MSXML 6 :  INSTALLSTATE_NOT_INSTALLED 
2013/1/31:04:09:20 mdisrail HOUPKGWIN701 Microsoft Windows Media Format 9.5 Series Runtime :  INSTALLSTATE_NOT_INSTALLED 
2013/1/31:04:09:20 mdisrail HOUPKGWIN701 Autodesk Material Library 2012 :  INSTALLSTATE_NOT_INSTALLED 
2013/1/31:04:09:20 mdisrail HOUPKGWIN701 Autodesk Material Library 2012 - Low Resolution :  INSTALLSTATE_NOT_INSTALLED 
2013/1/31:04:09:20 mdisrail HOUPKGWIN701 Autodesk Content Service :  INSTALLSTATE_NOT_INSTALLED 
2013/1/31:04:09:20 mdisrail HOUPKGWIN701 Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable (x86) :  INSTALLSTATE_NOT_INSTALLED 
2013/1/31:04:09:20 mdisrail HOUPKGWIN701 Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable (x86) :  INSTALLSTATE_NOT_INSTALLED 
2013/1/31:04:09:20 mdisrail HOUPKGWIN701 [Error: 1056] An instance of the service is already running.
2013/1/31:04:09:20 mdisrail HOUPKGWIN701 === Setup ended ===

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Answered 01/31/2013 by: jagadeish
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  • I have installed the application with the comand linebut only some part of the application is installed. how to resolve this?

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There is a real nice write up about how to deploy AutoCad here:


Is .Net 4.0 installed on the workstation already? It looks as if you are missing some of the dependencies that are required.

Answered 01/31/2013 by: andrew_lubchansky
Second Degree Black Belt

  • Have you tried with parameters /W /T /Q ..?