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Hi all,
i have a package which i would like to create which has two prereq packages from MS that need to be installed.

Because these pre-reqs are quite small, i dont want the user to get a message to to download them or the like - i want to get them all packaged up into one msi and then do a silent install on the two pre-reqs first, followed by my package.

Can anytone offer tips on how to do this? I've been poking around advanced installer 7.3.1 and wise package stuido 7.... neither seem to be able to do exactly what im after.
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First,can u tell us, source type of pre-req. like .msi or .exe?
and if pre-req. are .msi, u can call them into your main MSI with nested calling.
Answered 12/22/2009 by: dannyarya
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sorry - they are both exe's...
im interested about hearing about the msi method aswell - for future reference
Answered 12/22/2009 by: verukins
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both are exe's....then you can call them through CA

Case 1: If you can add them into your .msi(If exe's are small) and run.
For this first write a CA "Execute Program for installation" and pass the command line.

Case 2: You can keep exe's with your source(Where .msi file present) and run.
- For this first you have to define first Type 51 CA for your SourceDir.
- and then you can use CA "Execute Program for path", in which you can call your exe's and also you can pass /s,/qb etc to silent installation.

:) tell me it is work for you or not.........
Answered 12/22/2009 by: dannyarya
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both are exe's....then you can call them through CA ...unless, of course, they extract and execute MSIs themselves, something I'd expect most MS pre-requisites to do. If they DO use MSIs, you cannot run more than one client instance of MSIExec at a time so you need to build a script or EXE to call the MSIs in turn, making sure that you test for the pre-req's installed state before executing the next install.
Answered 12/23/2009 by: VBScab
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You can use WiseScript to script them inside an single EXE and install them all together 1 by 1
Answered 12/23/2009 by: mekaywe
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