We need to deploy Group Policy preferences to our clients but we don't have a windows server nor are using AD. I have browsed the forums on how to do this in Kace, but didn't find anything.

If anyone did it successfully, would you share the tip?



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Since you don't have a Windows server or domain, I'm guessing what you want to do is import Local Security Policies to each member of your workgroup.

A simple way to do this is to set up a machine and configure all the security settings using the Local Security Policy.  You can find this in Control Panel -> Admin Tools.  Once your machine is configured the way you want you can export these settings to a file.  With an Admin account open a command prompt and type use secedit to export the local policy to a file.  This command should work but your milage may vary "secedit /export /cfg localpolicy.inf"

Then you can create a script on the K1000.  Call it "Local Security Policy" or whatever you want, upload the localpolicy.inf file as a dependancy and then create a task to launch a program with the following details:

Directory: $(KACE_SYS_DIR)

File: secedit.exe

Parameters: /import /db hisecws.sdb /cfg localpolicy.inf /overwrite 


Change "hisecws.sdb" to whichever database you're using.  Let the script run.  You may need to reboot the client depending on changes you make to the security settings.  It's usually a good idea anyway.

You can also verify the policy has been imported correctly with this command "secedit /validate cfg.inf"

Within the K1000 you can go to Scripts -> Configuration Policy or Scripts -> Security Policy and enforce some security settings.  But the above method will give you a lot more options.

Answered 12/19/2012 by: dmaximoff
Orange Senior Belt

  • Is there a list of *sdb databases?
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This link may provide some help: http://mcpmag.com/articles/2006/03/22/policies-no-domain.aspx

It appears you could leverage System Policies, which may provide a solution for what you attempting to achieve.


Hope that helps,


Answered 12/19/2012 by: dunnpy
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  • Thanks, but my question is how to push policies to clients using Kace. I would like to see examples.
  • Most Group Policy settings can be set via the registry and KACE offers the ability to push registry settings through the scripting engine. In the Scripting module, select the Configuration Policy tab and then select the appropriate option. For this case you would normally select the "Enforce Registry Settings" option. From here you can enter the registry settings that need to be enforced and KACE will setup a script that you can run on a regular schedule to have the settings imported to the target computers.
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