Hello, I'm looking for a methode to execute and action (display a message) a specific number of day (e.g : 20 days) after the package installation on the PC, using Wise Script Editor.

This message will contain a link to a Survey. I would like to let the End User work on the software packaged a minimum of time before to raise his feedback.

I know how to capture the DATE when the package is installed (Get System Information : Current Date)
But I do not see the best and easier way to script the delay..

Do you have any idea ?

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1. Create a file during installation of the main program/package which contains the installation date + time. Or the date that the survey should take place. Create an executable (point 2) and place it in the run key of the pc which is being installed.

2. Create an executable, which runs at login (run key in registry) which checks the current date against the install date (point 1). Or checks if the date is the same or later than the date in the file that has been created. After the survey has been filled in, this executable also removes the run key from the registry.

Case closed!



Answered 10/07/2013 by: MDoelman
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I'd say add a script to the Task Scheduler and have it run every day or add 'x' days to the installation date and have it run then. Either way, your script should check that the day is a working day, as there'd be little point in popping up messages to users if they're not there. It should also obviously check that there is a user logged in.

Answered 10/07/2013 by: VBScab
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Thanks for the reply ;o)

I think I found a way, I capture the Current DATE when I install the package, then I run a checker at every start of the machine, when the Current Date is equal to Same Day + 1 month, I run my command to launch the message.

(Also added a securitty : if Current day is 29 or more, set Current day to 28)

Answered 10/07/2013 by: keihilin
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