I have looked through the site as best I can and found a few articles that are similar, but nothing that covers exactly what I'm asking....  I manage our companies Support Desk M-F 8-5 but after I leave and on the weekends the system is not monitored very closely.  I need to have the system setup so any tickets that come in when I am not available are automatically get assigned a Priority of "After Hours" (already part of my list) and then automatically generate an email to specific staff members.

I'm thinking the SQL needs to say something like this in the select statement:

Then have something in the WHERE clause like
Where CREATED > "17:00:00" OR CREATED < "08:00:00"

But I have no clue... can someone help me out with the code?  The email to the staff members doesn't need to have much detail aside from the ticket number, who the submitter is, and most recent comment.
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  • Thanks for the tip Nico! We had a giant fiasco when we updated from 5.x to 6.0 where tons of things broke (LDAP labels for instance) so we are VERY hesitant to update again until all the bugs get worked out! LOL If someone has 6.3, can use the Wizard to create the rule, then "edit" the rule using SQL to get the actual code and post that code I would be eternally grateful. I should be able ot either copy the code directly, or make some small modifications to get it to work with 6.2
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in 6.3 (which will be released end of february 2015) you have the possibility in a wizard.
You can define business days/hours and also report this.
Answered 02/17/2015 by: Nico_K
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