We are for the first time, testing the capability to export a KBOX queue then import it to another K1000.  First test is in our test environment where we exported then downloaded a Queue-8.kpkg file.  Then we refreshed the test K1000 with production data and config.  Now I want to upload and restore the Queue-8.kpkg file.  Tried windows ftp using the kbftp id and my rusty ftp knowledge.  Getting this:


ftp> put queue-8.kpkg
200 PORT command successful
553-Can't open that file: Permission denied
553 Rename/move failure: No such file or directory


I can't believe that this isn't already answered here somewhere.  Looking some more while I let this question sit.  Thanks in advance!



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OK.  Now see that I have to use the admin (ftp user) with password set in the Samba Share Settings area of the Control.  But the password I set there for 'admin' is not accepted at the ftp login. 

Answered 01/04/2013 by: Thatcher.Deane
Senior Yellow Belt

  • User (tkbox.co.maui.hi.us:(none)): admin
    331 User admin OK. Password required
    530 Login authentication failed
    Login failed.
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No I did not.  As it turns out after realizing that SAMBA <> ftp, I mapped to the Samba share as admin and saw the Queue file was still there.  That made me figure out that I also forgot that one has to check the 'import from Samba Share Directory.' 

When we do this to production is where making the FTP writable would matter (or is that for the backup files only?)

In anycase thanks for the response. nshah



Answered 01/04/2013 by: Thatcher.Deane
Senior Yellow Belt

  • Later tested copy of via Samba share to and from the \\K1000\clientdrop\ share. Worked fine as did the import of the queue. However there was error message, the same as for other imports of Queues:

    ERROR: mysql error: [1054: Unknown column 'NAME' in 'field list'] in
    EXECUTE("UPDATE CUSTOM_VIEW SET NAME='email_error',SUBJECT='[$ticket_number] ERROR',
    BODY='While handling your mail to $helpdesk_name, the following errors occurred:\n$error_text\n\n$quo
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Did you make the FTP writable? Settings > Security Settings

Answered 01/04/2013 by: nshah
Red Belt

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