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I have exported my desired IE11 settings to a registry file called "IE11config.reg" for my "Gold Image" of Win10 LTSB 2016 v1607.  I would like to import the file as a Post-installation Task.  What is the correct procedure and/or commands to accomplish this ?  We are currently on K2000 v6.0.425.
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  • I have tried multiple BAT or APP command lines...
    1) regedit /s IE11config.reg
    2)COPY C:\Windows\regedit.exe C:\KACE\Applications\305
    regedit.exe /s IE11config.reg
    3) %WINDIR%\regedit.exe /s IE11config.reg
    4) reg import IE11config.reg

    ALL have stated they could not locate the file regedit.
    All these commands work in a CMD screen on my local desktop but not in K2000...WHAT AM I MISSING ???

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Depending on the key being HKLM or HKCU, you can easily use this command:

regedit /s RegFileName.reg

Just make sure to scrub the REG file of anything specific to the user account, computer, domain or IP config.  Otherwise you can break a lot of stuff.  Had one client years ago distribute a REG key which contained the IP address of the test computer and next morning, everyone logged in and got the same IP address - no one would work for hours!

Answered 08/13/2018 by: vjaneczko
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  • OK...the issue is when the Post-installation Task launches the task to import the IE11 registry file, it cannot locate REGEDIT.EXE; it's looking for it in the same folder where the IE11config.reg file is located.
    <WorkingDirectory>%systemdrive%\KACE\Applications\305</WorkingDirectory>. How do I get REGEDIT.EXE in that same folder ?
  • I created the following BATCH Post-installation Task:
    COPY C:\Windows\regedit.exe C:\KACE\Applications\305
    regedit.exe /s IE11config.reg
    I will confirm shortly is settings were retained...
    • Best not to copy files within the local hard drive if you don't have to. Try using "%WINDIR%\regedit.exe /s IE11config.reg" as the commandline so you don't have to copy the file.
This was the ONLY successful way I could get the registry merge to occur in K2000...
BAT script:

COPY C:\Windows\regedit.exe C:\KACE\Applications\309
regedit.exe /s IE11config.reg

It works; I just have to keep track if any changes are made which will change the directory name; currently #309...it was #305 last time.
Answered 08/16/2018 by: CGonza
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