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When a user submits a ticket OR someone submits on behalf of user: a rule should run that grabs the last machine that the user had logged into and place that machine in the Device textbox.  If there isn't a way to do this while the ticket is being created, I can settle with having a rule run on save that will grab this info and manipulate the ticket.  I'm not finding any info for current appliance version. 

Edit: I have been told by support that this is a default behavior out of the box, but it is not working for me...

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The problem that we run into is KACE isn't great at reporting the last computer a user logged into. Since the inventory is only updated on set intervals it really tracks who was logged in at the time of inventory, so this won't necessarily be a good indicator of the last computer that a user logged into.

For example:
ComputerA runs an inventory at 8:00am
UserJoe logs into ComputerA at 8:05am
UserJoe logs out at 8:30am
UserSue logs into ComputerA at 9:50am
ComputerA runs an inventory at 10:00am (this assumes inventory interval is two hours)

KACE will never report that UserJoe used ComputerA.

Answered 02/19/2016 by: chucksteel
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  • We do have instances where this would occur, but for the most part our users are either permanent or are on a 3 month rotation.

    Am I correct in assuming that when a user submits a ticket the last computer is grabbed in you system (correct or not)?
    • It happens randomly as far as I can tell. I work at a college, however, so many of our faculty get associated with multiple computers (their office plus classroom computers) and I think that confuses the issue.
      • This could be why I don't see it auto populating... we have users with both desktops and laptops. We need an ideal way to get the machine name at creation... seems like there would be a way to get this info.