Hi guys
i have so far successfully packaged Adobe writer 6.0 using wise package studio 5.6 which works for an admin and a locked down user.
im trying to add a few registry settings that apply to the HKEY CURRENT USER registry entries, just 2 entries to set the internet connection speed and the units displayed on the pages.
i cant seem to get these to happen as the standard locked down user.
when i open the exe it gives me an access denied message which seems a little strange because the user has full rights to the HKCU part of the registry
i have seen others mention creating a CurrentUser feature and putting all other features inside it but cant quite get that to happen properly.
Any suggestions?
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Have you used RegMon to determine exactly where the problem is? That may shed some light on things.

In all likelihood you're getting an access denied during a registry action. Is it just trying to read the entries? Is it attempting to write? Is it REALLY looking in HKCU? Is it looking in the wrong place, or is it looking in the right place and hitting a wall that shouldn't be there?

If you haven't used RegMon before, search the web and download it. You'll have to launch it with a RunAs under the lockdown ID. It will give you a $#!^load of data, search through it for an Access Denied related to your reg keys. (Note that there may be Access Denied and/or Not Found entries that are a result of "Functioning As Designed", look at what it is doing during the Access Denied and what was done immediately afterwards to determine if it is an OK thing or not.)
Answered 06/23/2005 by: VikingLoki
Second Degree Brown Belt

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i was doing a little more investigation and event viewer tells me that it cant find the registry keys in the hkcu area . . . obviously
the annoying thing is that it sees they arent there and tries to repair but i get the access denied error
ill have a go with regmon and see if i can get somewhere with it, but like you said it gives you way too much info
Answered 06/23/2005 by: ictu packager
Orange Belt

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The first place to look is here.


There is information here to also turn off auto update and also the Adobe advertising.

I think that keys you want to change are actually in HKLM so open the HKLM\Software\Adobe key and see if that works.
Answered 06/24/2005 by: MSIMaker
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that was the first place i checked
i actually use this place as the first reference point before i start a software package
i can get the auto update and advertising features turned off, no problems there, i just cant get it to apply HKCU keys, the actual settings i want to add are . . .

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Adobe\Adobe Acrobat\6.0\AVGeneral]

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Adobe\Adobe Acrobat\6.0\Originals]

which tell the program what internet connection speed we have (LAN) and what units (centimeters) to use for the page grids
i have created a feature that is a parent of all other features and added the HKCU keys to it which works as an admin but when trying to repair i still get an access denied error as a user, might be security but i have to get it going with the security in place . . .
Answered 06/26/2005 by: ictu packager
Orange Belt

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Have you validated your MSI in Orca?

If HKCU is opened up then there should be no problems writing keys and values as a locked down user.. Maybe you have HLKM reg keys being written with the same component which may explain the access denied error during the repair.

Answered 06/28/2005 by: MSIPackager
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i just went through the validation process with orca and have a whole heap of ice errors and warnings, i was told generally not to worry about errors in a vendor package, should i go through and try to fix all of them?
we have actually handed this package over to a professional for some help but havent heard back yet so thought i might as well keep trying
thanks for the suggestions so far guys
Answered 07/04/2005 by: ictu packager
Orange Belt

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Depends whether you are using a transform on the vendor msi - or whether you have created a new msi by taking a snapshot of the vendor install..

If you are talking about transforming the vendor package then just look for validation errors againt the comonents / registry keys you are trying to add.

If you have repackaged the whole installation then I would (personally) try to fix all ICE errors and as many warning as you can.

Answered 07/05/2005 by: MSIPackager
Third Degree Black Belt

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MSIPackager is right but also use regmon to monitor the registry like someone told you earlier, because if those key are in your project them it should install fine on a lock user computer. you said that you got a access denied it may be from try to access there msi if that is the case make a transform and do all your editing from there.
Answered 07/05/2005 by: linstead
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