We are now running KBOX for approx a year now.

During the initial setup we decided to setup multiple queues for multiple software applications.


But at the end I discovered that this approach was not the right one since we are now facing problems with the maintenance and the reporting:


-          The reporting is not easy since we need to report all the queues together

-          The maintenance of the queues is difficult and time consuming because we have so many


I am now planning  to implement a new single queue that will have to cover all incidents. But we still have a lot of tickets opened / active in the other queues and I don’t want to lose these tickets but park them for later.

So: I want to make sure that the users are forced to select only the new queue and hide the rest of the queues but uptil now I have not succeeded to find a appropriate approach:


I already tried:

-       -   Hiding the queues by using the Restrict Submitters By Label option, but this is not effective since the users will then not see their tickets anymore and can also not add remarks to them.

-         - Setting up a default queue on system level à Did not had any effect

-         - Setting up a default queue per user à Did not had any effect


What I want is that the users are straightly redirected to the New Ticket screen when they click on the New button. At this moment this is not the case because the users have multiple queues to choose from.



I hope that you have a good suggestion on how to handle this.

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  • There may not be a good way to do this.

    1. if they are still submitter to each queue they will still see the drop down. I don't know of a way to prevent this.

    2. You could transfer all the active tickets into the new queue but just make sure you have the same options and choices so the settings stay. Test on a few tickets first.

    Option two would be your best bet if you want them to see their active tickets.
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