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When scripting software installs a blank command prompt window is always showing.  All our clients are running Windows 7 64bit.  Our old means of deploying software never had this issue and so we could deploy software to users even while they were working at their stations.  Can anyone tell me why this is happening? or better yet, how to hide it?  The cmd window is blank and the switch (/qn) should mean that nothing shows whatsoever.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I'm assuming you are using a batch file to run multiple installations in order.

As long as it's set to run interactively the command window will be displayed. You can make a batch script start minimized, but it will still be there in the taskbar.

Your best bet is to either write a vbscript and run it using wshell or use powershell with the command line parameter "-windowstyle hidden". Be aware that a powershell window will be shown for 5-25 seconds during it's initial load. The only workaround for this is to make a powershell wrapper program that picks up on exitcodes etc.


Answered 04/25/2012 by: Ifan
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Use Jscript

var WindowStyle_Hidden = 0
var objShell = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
var result = objShell.Run("cmd.exe /c xyz.bat", WindowStyle_Hidden)

Answered 04/27/2012 by: er.hsingh
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Have you tried using the /quiet switch instead?

Answered 04/23/2012 by: robbyburmeister
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  • I forgot to mention that most of what I have been trying to deploy is vendor-supplied msi's. When running manually or from our Altiris server, everything behaves as one would expect. /qn = no UI, /qb = progress bar, etc.

More Info deploying from what ? System ? User or NT system. Context


Answered 04/23/2012 by: Sweede
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It is always better to use a scripting language in order to avoid such issues like VbScript.

Answered 05/04/2012 by: adilrathore
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