Good afternoon fellas, I need help creating a label in wich as soon the computer checks in after been imaged it would patch computer, check for dell updates and run custom scripts. Has anyone done something similar? I created the label wich cheks every 2 hours for computers, but I would like for patches run first time computer checks in. Thanks

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  • Patching/Dell/Scripts are based on a schedule. Unless the check-in and the schedule trigger at the same time, you aren't going to be able to do that. There isn't a way for the check-in to trigger those things

    You can create schedules to run every hour to target machines that have your label but that is once an hour. If no machines have your label the KBOX won't do anything.
  • I am assuming these are PCs? If they are macs you could use your smart label with a script set to a high frequency that runs softwareupdate -ia
  • There have been some posts in the past that cover this. It comes down to creating a label to identify new machines and then having patching/update/script schedules that run every hour, like nshah notes. How you setup those smart labels may depend on how you image your machines.
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