I am trying to build a fairly simple Offline KScript for our MAC computers to relicense Adobe CC.  The processor is fairly simple:

1. deliver payload
2. test to see if AdobeSerialization bin exists (assumes it has been run).  If found end.
3. If not found, unzip payload
4. Execute AdobeSerialization bin
5. Leave everything in place for when Adobe CC drops its license again ;)

I can get my payload to my clients and unzipped in the directory I would like.  
My problem is that I cannot execute the AdobeSerialization bin file.  

I have tried to make it executable via the run a command option via:
Directory = /bin
File = chmod
Parameters = +x /PathTo/AdobeSerialization

When I check to see if AdobeSerialization bin has the executive switch it does not.  Of course it then does not execute.  

So I changed gears and started to create a Online shell script, which I do not want to use.  



if [ -f $FILE ];


echo "found"


echo "not found"

unzip -u serialize_MAC.zip -d /Library/Management/Adobe

chmod +x /Library/Management/Adobe/serialize_MAC/AdobeSerialization




Kace then complains about the first echo line.
From logs -line 6:  : command not found
Note that line 6 does not match up correctly with the code above, you will have to trust me it is the echo line.  The code above works fine when run locally.  

So I dropped all the checking to see if the file has been run and go this working:

unzip -u serialize_MAC.zip -d /Library/Management/Adobe

chmod +x /Library/Management/Adobe/serialize_MAC/AdobeSerialization


But I am not happy as I wanted to do something a bit more sophisticated.  

What am I doing wrong?
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  • Forgot to mention, we are running 5.5.90548
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My approach for re-serializing Adobe CC apps is a little different. I built the prov.xml file as described in the Adobe CC documentation and have an Offline script that has it and the adobe_prtk script uploaded as attachments. My script then just runs the adobe_prtk command with the --tool=VolumeSerialize option. I don't first check to see if CC has been serialized, however.

Answered 09/18/2014 by: chucksteel
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  • Thanks Chuck! I ended redoing my script and created an offline script that does file modification detection date. If it finds what it is not expecting, I run the code to serialize Adobe. Works and has a bit of intelligence. I then created a label to find lab computers with Adobe installed, set the script to run every three hours as well as once during first checkin; should cover the bases. Thanks again!
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