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Hello , currently we boot a machine to a cd with kbe on it. i would like to know how i can have a pre installation task that created 2 partitions and puts the kbe already on the 2nd partition . 

also if we can boot to that partition remotely so we can image remotely without having to put a disk in the machine.

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  • Is PXE not an option? That would be the best solution.
  • Right. PXE will solve these problems allowing you to boot over the network to your KBE. Set the boot order on your machines to PXE first and then you can remotely image from the K2.

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Corey Serrins from Dell/Kace shared this technique during Dell World 2015

Local KBE Boot
• Store KBE on the local workstation, eliminating PXE
• Copy KBE as a midlevel task (or copy to workstation
as a k1 script), naming it winre.wim
• Run ReagentCcommands to boot to the KBE.
– reagentc /disable
– reagentc /setreimage /path %systemdrive%\kace_recovery
(path points to the directory containing winre.wim)
– reagentc /enable
– reagentc /boottore
– shutdown /r

Answered 11/19/2015 by: SMal.tmcc
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