I am attempting to package FRx 6 for deployment on W7 x64. I've got everything working except for the virtual printer driver that is installed during the installation. There does not appear to be an INF for this printer driver (Infpath is blank in HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Print\Environments\Windows NT x86\Drivers\Version-3\FRx Document Image Writer Driver) which complicates things even more. There is an executable called FRxPrtSetup inside of the install that fails with the error 216 when ran on a computer that has my package installed but does work on computers where the original install was ran. Microsoft claims to have fixed this issue in SP 7 but even with SP 11 installed the program stills fails.

Any thoughts on packaging FRx 6.7, installing virtual printers during a package installation, or installing drivers without an INF would be appreciated.

EDIT: Issue is packaging VM is W7x32 while everything else is W7x64. That is why it works on one and not the other.

Managed to get the print drivers extracted. Still won't work on x64, have tested and they do work in x32. May be handy regardless.


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Microsoft FRx 6.7 is not supported on a 64-bit version of Windows


Answered 09/26/2012 by: SMal.tmcc
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  • I'm aware. The specific part of the program we are using (the virtual printer and the drill down viewer) both do work just fine on W7 x64.
  • have you tried to extract the FRxPrtSetup and run that on it's own.
    I ran into this with a virtual video driver and it came down to it was not signed so the deployment failed, once I got it signed the problem went away.
  • Yup, that is where I get the error 216 from. Really annoying, it just opens a cmd prompt and then closes it real fast. Took about a dozen tries to get a screen cap of it so I could read what was going on heh. Oddly enough on a machine with the original install I can remove the printer and run this executable and it re-adds the printer just fine.
  • That is the strange with your orgianal machine not complaining.
    a couple of things to try:

    Can you open the FRxPrtSetup.exe with winzip to see if you can dissect any further?

    on your target/test 64 bit machine try to boot it with F8 menu and choose disable driver signature enforcement and see if it acts any different
    • I used Universal Extractor to extract three files from FRxPrtSetup: .data, .rsrc_1, and .text. Opening it with winzip just gives you the data in .text. .data is just garbled, .rsrc_1 is blank, and .text has some stuff in it along with a bunch of garbled text. Nothing I see that looks useful though, can take a look here if you would like: http://pastebin.com/hudZK70G

      Disabled driver signature enforcement (which is a great idea btw, totally forgot about that) but still got error 216.

      Arhg. I think I just figured it out. Using one VM for capture, one VM for package testing. Everything is supposed to be W7 x64 because that is what everyone will be running. Guess what my capture VM is? x32... which suddenly these errors make sense as error 216 is ERROR_EXE_MACHINE_TYPE_MISMATCH. I run the base install on the x64 VM and sure enough the printer driver does not get installed. A whole lot of issues I've had packaging several applications suddenly make sense... I guess that's what you get for not checking things out yourself. EDIT: Actually looking back we were going to originally be using W7 x32 to package as we were going to be using Wise 7... so in reality I just trolled myself as I requested the x32 image. DOH.

      Now in theory x32 drivers should work with x64 but why I was getting different results between the two suddenly makes sense. At least now I can begin focusing my attention on the real issue (x64 incompatibility with the x32 virtual printer driver).

      Thanks for your help SMal.tmcc, sorry for wasting your time.
  • No problem, glad you found your glitch. good luck with the drivers,
  • How did you package Frx and what is your install command line? I'm looking to do the same thing for the drill down viewer?
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