I am doing testing for software monitoring and active denial on our 1000+ node hospital network. Using my machine and a couple of others as a test lab, I installed Spotify as an example program. I followed all the steps to deny the software, nothing happened. Even after forcing the agent to update, rebooting the KACE, nothing. Now, 5 days later, it's blocking Spotify from launching. I don't get it. Can a guru explain what takes so long for this to apply. Also, is it pretty foolproof? I hate to wait 5 days to test if a software package is actually blocked or not. Thanks for any replies. Love the forum. Can't wait to be knowledgeable enough to answer other user inquiries on here. - Jason

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  • Ok, I just removed the application denial and it only took about 30 minutes for the app to be allowed. Now I am really confused......
  • In the past you had to reboot the system after you create the denial as it is a registry change. Have you tried that?
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I just upgraded to K1000 6.0.  I was working on blacklisting software and it didn't appear to be working.  I first chose Firefox as the application to be blacklisted and it never appeared to work.  The next one I tried was Putty.  I blacklisted it then got distracted for about 5 minutes.  When I went back to test it was working.  Also not sure how that worked.  Maybe try a different app or get distracted :)

Hope that helps.
Answered 07/09/2014 by: eprunty
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Well, I will try a few more apps and see how things work out. I know it works, but if my CIO comes in and says "deny appYYZ from nurse station PC's, they are using it to download songs" I don't want to say, "Ok, it's blocked, it should stop working sometime next week".

Answered 07/09/2014 by: smrmcjason
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