Is it possible to export a functioning queue from one virtual appliance and import it to second virtual appliance and enable it to function?

I have tried but i get the following error:

Error message: PHP Error: Uncaught RowValuesOutOfBoundsException in /kbox/include/RowValues.class.php on line 140: {Ticket}: is not a member variable


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  • Thank you both for the feedback, I really appreciate the help!
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This is the approach I've used several times in the past, although I was using it to duplicate a queue on the same box.  You might try the export/rename/import process on the same box (can always delete it later) to see if it works as expected, and then try the import process on the second box.  If you get the same error, it may indicate that something in the queue config may need tweaked to line up with the queue config on the first box.

Exporting & reimporting a queue


Can duplicate a queue via Resources

1) Export the existing queue via Settings – Resources – Export K1000 Resources

2) Access the samba share via \\kbox\clientdrop and rename from queue1 to queue2

3) Import the renamed queue via Settings – Resources – Import K1000 Resources

4) Confirm the duplicate queue in Helpdesk – Configuration – Queues

5) Rename the duplicate queue and adjust settings as necessary

Hope that helps!


Answered 09/30/2013 by: jverbosk
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  • The only thing that I would add is that the two K1000s would probably need to be at the same version for this.
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