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Helo i have this error ... I can't read PDF in Internet Explorer ... 

I'm lost really ...

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  • so adobe reader works fine, just not in a browser?? try changing those settings. have you rebooted after the removal?? Try doing a repair of the remaining MSI.

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I think there was a problem with the old version has uninstall the problem is solved by modifying the package code and the product code and version and adding a few key regsitre (EULA etc ...)
Thank you for your return
Answered 04/20/2015 by: masir91
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  • Changed ProductCode, PackageCode and Version of Adobe Acrobat 11.0.6!!!!!!
    How are you planning to apply 11.0.12 msp on it..
This could be one of a thousand problem. Use ProcMon: that will tell you *exactly* what's happening. Remember to filter out processes you're not interested in before starting the monitoring, as it really does capture everything!
Answered 04/03/2015 by: VBScab
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