I am packaging Enfocus PitStop Pro 11, this is an add-on for Adobe Acrobat Pro products.  It is an installshield installer so i can record an answer file with the /r switch.  The problem is it doesn't record that i only want the english language pack installed and installs all of them, which is like 8 or 10 different languages and severly increases the install time.  Eventhough when i manually progress through the install gui and choose just English during the record it still installs all of them, and a small progress box pops up as well during the language pack install when running silently.  Im not sure if i can even add anything into the answer file to choose just English and Enfocus tech support is of no help at all.  using the answer file works to install the product but all languages should not be installed.  I do not want to repackage into an msi if i don't have to. 

Has anyone packaged this software before and were able to fix the iss file?

Thanks for your help

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Is your installer accompanied with some ini file or some file where from the installer takes the input. Also if its a installshield installer, doesnt it extract an MSI and its respective language transforms under %temp% or some other location? Also you mentioned your are creating the response file using /r option , did u try setup.exe /r /f1 <path of file>.iss?


Answered 05/21/2013 by: talonsprem87
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  • I always use /r with /f1 as I like to name my iss file instead of the default setup.iss. Using the /f1 option to rename the iss file does record extra input than the default setup.iss.
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My first instinct would be to check for an MSI, certainly.

If it's a legacy IS installer then I'd capture it. However, I recognise that some packagers like to take the path of least resistance so...

It wouldn't be the first time that I've seen IS not record every dialog option. Run the install again and count the dialogs until you see the language choice one. Go through the resulting ISS in a decent text editor, find the dialog number (they're indexed from zero, if I remember correctly) and see if there's a likely-looking reference to the control used (I'd guess it's a list-box or combo-box).

Answered 05/21/2013 by: VBScab
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  • Yes, it is always my first instinct to check for an msi as well. It unpacks another setup.exe and when ran prompts for a data2.cab that isn't there unless my eyes are failing me.

    Its not that im trying to take the path of least resistance its that it is better to use the actual installer if i can. I have already looked in the iss file at the dialog number and there really isn't any indication of what I could add. Its actually a bunch of check boxes and ive tried recording the iss a bunch of ways when it gets to this input and the iss file is the same everytime, its like its not recording that dialog which is confusing because I thought IS would error out with a missing info or dialogs out of order if its not recorded. Ill more than likely have to repackage this.

    Thanks for your help.
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You should certainly try to ask enfocus support, but maybe I can solve this for you already: if you expand the InstallShield single-file installer (or whatever InstallShield calls that these days) with /extract_all, you'll find a folder 'Disk1\enfpacks', which contains the language packs. Delete what you don't need (and if needed wrap your installer up into one file again somehow, e.g. some zip with a self-extracting option), and I think you should be good.

Answered 05/24/2013 by: Legolas
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