Anybody know how to install Easy Grade Pro 4.0 silently? I tried running the setup.exe file with a /s switch, and that seemed to do something although it did not install the application.

I would also like to include our serial number and organization's name, if possible, so as not to be reprompted for those items post-installation.

Thanks in advance!
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I just downloaded the demo version and it looks like an Installshield version 5.53 setup.exe. Now assuming the purchased version uses the same setup routine.....you should be able to use the /r switch and record the installation choices....this will create c:\windows\setup.iss. Move this file into the same folder as the setup.exe and use [font="courier new"]/s to have it use the setup.iss file as an answer file (it may not work if the app is already installed). You may also have to add [font="courier new"]/f1"<path to setup.exe>\setup.iss"

Read this for more info: http://itninja.com/blog/view/installshield-setup-parameters

IF YOU ARE EXTREMELY LUCKY....you will not run into any problems.

BUT....of course, any number of variables could cause this to fail (usually silently!) in any number of ways. You can check c:\windows\setup.log to obtain a discrete error code which you can drop into a search engine or find elsewhere on this site.

As far as the serial number and organization name, you would have to use regmon, filemon, and/or procmon to find out where it is writing this information so you can extract it and add this via the scripting language of your choice.

Or you could re-package the whole thing into an MSI using something like Wise Package Studio or Installshield.

[:D] Welcome to the world of software packaging and distribution! [:D]
Answered 03/25/2008 by: MicrosoftBob
Blue Belt

  • Where you able to install it with the serial number?
    • Ha ha ha, I certainly don't remember back over 5 years ago! But reading back over this entire post, it appears the serial number entry is not part of the install, but part of the initial launch of the program. In that case, you would need to run something post install to put that information in the registry or .INI file or whereever the program stores that info. You use regmon or filemon to monitor the system and detect where it stores this info.
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Thank you for the link, the effort on checking out that download, and the very detailed reply. I've learned so much useful information in the last 48 hours from this website, my head feels like one of those clown balloons after it's blown up and twisted into the shape of a weiner dog. [;)] In a good way, of course.

Anyways I've got the silent install working in spite of myself. Created an answer file and as you suggested I used our tool of choice, Altiris RapidInstall, to find and save the registry delta for command-line import.

Answered 03/25/2008 by: netjustin
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I tried using these instructions with version 4.01 and cannot get the resulting setup.iss to work even by manually putting the answer file in the windows directory. I have put it in the same directory as the setup.exe which is what the documentation says it expects but it never installs. Since I am going to be pushing the job using our KBox, I am not positive what the path will be to the folder that setup.exe and setup.iss will be in. I tried using the exact paths given in the pdf you reference but that hasn't worked either. My brain is too fried to come up with other tactics. I suspect I will be doing manual installs tomorrow.[&o]

The response file that is generated reads as follows:

[InstallShield Silent]
File=Response File
[File Transfer]
szDir=C:\Program Files\Orbis Software\Easy Grade Pro
Name=Easy Grade Pro
Company=Orbis Software
Answered 11/12/2009 by: dmillaway
Orange Senior Belt

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If you don't know the path that setup.exe will run from, you could try one of the following (keep setup.iss in the same folder as setup.exe):

setup /s /f1".\setup.iss" /f2".\setup.log"


setup /s /f1"%cd%\setup.iss" /f2"%cd%\setup.log"

In either case, if it fails, check the setup.log to see the errorcode and drop into a search engine or post here.
Answered 11/13/2009 by: MicrosoftBob
Blue Belt

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