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Since Adobe CS6 was released a couple years ago, we have mostly deployed it as part of our images from the K2000.  I'm trying to shift away from this with new images (Win7 64), and instead use a Managed Install for better control over image size and simplicity of software distribution. Largely, my method had followed details outlined here:
And this method does work great...  The MI runs and does the install and life is good...  Until it's not.

The scenario I'm struggling with is what happens when the machine fails to get the ENTIRE suite installed...  Say, a user shuts down midway through the install...  Or, our our nightly shut down happens at 5pm and the MI was only half done.  Because the K1 software inventory sees Adobe CS6 as one item, "Adobe Creative Suite 6 Master Collection", the MI now says "Installed"...  Therefor, it won't try again.

I'm looking for ways to handle this.  I'm wondering about adding a custom registry key as the last step of my .bat file, then having a Custom Inventory Rule set up to read this.  But this gets a little messy because my existing installations of CS6 will not have this key...  I would also like to keep this as (relatively) simple as possible, rather than creating a bunch of custom stuff.

Whatever method I use I would like to be able to apply the method to an update from CS6 to Adobe CC that I can see our organization doing at some point.

Thanks for any ideas you may have.


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  • You could try setting the open window on the deployments to end before your nightly shutdown which would stop KACE from trying to install it before the computer shuts down. We also broke our Creative Cloud installs into separate managed installs which means you have to add computers to multiple MIs but if only one completes the rest will then be installed the next time the machine is on. That might help in this scenario as well.
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