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What is the possibility to get more details of failed tasks on K2000 ?

I have created a BAT Script type post installation task on K2000 to deploy an Application. The Bat file execute without any issue and the Application installs. But I get Unknown Error page after that. But there is no details about failure task under Audit logs ( Only list of success and failed task available. ) Is there any other place I can refer to find root cause of the error?    
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Remember that Post Install tasks is the same thing as running a task from the Windows Desktop... the KACE appliance will NOT retrieve any log for --Insert the name of your software-- here.

The application will generate a log (if it has the capability or command switch to do it) inside the Windows OS.

Adobe Software will place the Install log file here:
Windows 32 bit: \Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Installers\
Windows 64 bit: \Program Files(x86) \Common Files\Adobe\Installers\

Microsoft Office does not create log files, but keeps all events in Windows event logs system instead. You will need to check the Setup Logs inside the Event Viewer to troubleshoot Office installation

Symantec will save failed install logs here: 
C:\ProgramData\Symantec\Symantec Endpoint Protection\12.1.XXX.XXXX\Data\Install\Logs

What I'm saying is that, there is no way for a Imaging solution, to have all the possible paths hard-coded for every software out there and pull the logs.

Plus, several Software like Adobe AIR, won't generate a log at all if you didn't add the "/log" or "/verbose" Switch to the installation parameters.

Like I said, Post Install tasks == running the task from Windows Desktop, you need to troubleshoot this based on the software install log.

What software are you trying to install, and what is the Error you are seeing from the KACE Deploy Engine on the Target device?

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