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We've been having issues with slow logins on our network and it usually goes back to one DC that is having some DFS replication issues.  There seems to be a correlation between DA and this however as it usually follows me making a change in DA then replication those changes (from within the DA console).  I realize it may not be the cause of the issues at all however I'm attempting to narrow down possible causes :)  Are there any known issues with DA and DFS replication versus File Replication Services?  The other correlation with this issue is that we did just recently (past month or two) switch from FRS to DFS for replication.

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  • When we upgraded to DA 9.0, we had issues with replication, they adjusted some kind of timeout setting to fix it. We still have troubles with DFS replicating to different sites. I fixed it by setting it to replicate to both servers
  • I'll look into that, pretty much anytime I make a change we have slow / broke logins the next day. I haven't upgraded to 9.1 yet but planning to, I'll let you know if that fixes anything. As far as replicated to each DC, I was under the impression you weren't supposed to do that but if it works.... :)

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MooreIT, we did have some issues with DFS and Desktop Authority replication, particularly where you had DA set to replicate to targets that also were covered by DFS replication. The support team can help you sort it out if you want to visit: https://support.software.dell.com/desktop-authority/9.1.1/ you can open a support ticket. I'm sure support can help you get it sorted out.

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