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We frequently deploy software to the workstations. Although the deployment reaches more than 97% of workstations but the actual installation ranges from 83%-95%.

So, which thing should be set right... Is it the deployment tool that should ensure maximum deployments (to me that should not be the case as different packages may have a lot of variance in how they are to be installed) or has it something to do with the Application packaging as we are triggering the installation on more than 97% workstations so the package should ensure that compliance is achieved once it is triggered on the endpoint.

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The discrepancy would certainly associate with the application packages, circumstances during deployment and variations in workstation configuration.
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When you say 'actual installation' do you mean the successrate of the installs, or the percentage where the install starts at all?

If it's successrate, 85-95% is not too bad at all imo, and the discrepancy would have to do with the packages themselves, but mostly with variations in workstation config and circumstances during the push. This is really something that needs to be evaluated on a package-by-package basis, looking at what is causing the failures.

Answered 05/07/2012 by: pjgeutjens
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By 'actual installation' I mean the success rate of installs.

Answered 05/07/2012 by: adilrathore
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  • then my previous answer stands :)