After repackaging a application i have to customize the shortcut.

For Example application.exe /f /puc This work fine for the Shortcut creation and the lnk file work BUT the ICON picture will not be created. Can somebody advice?

Also how can i change the Location? Sortcut will be created in Startmenue\Programs but i would like to create a custom folger like IBM

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Create the MSI with AppDeploy Repackager, then edit the MSI with InstEd or Orca for further customization.
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The AppDeploy Repackager is a rather basic tool and does not include an editor. You can specify what shorcuts are to be created in very simple terms. You can choose the EXE from which the icon should be obtained (and which image if there are more than one embedded), but the "Icon/Exe File" field is for just that-- it does not dictate what the shortcut will run when executed (it will simply run the selected executable file). 

For the location of the shorcut you have three basic choices: Desktop, Program Menu or Quick Launch. An ability to specify a subfolder is a requested feature that does not yet exist. To vote up this feature request, please visit: http://kace.uservoice.com/forums/82719-free-tools/suggestions/1169769-ability-to-specify-custom-shortcut-paths

Right now, if you want to change the location of the shortcut or customize the shortcut to include optional parameters, you will need to do so using a separate MSI editor such as InstEd or Orca.

InstEd: InstEd Home Page

Orca: Downloading, installing and using MS Orca

Answered 08/26/2013 by: bkelly
Red Belt

  • thx!

    Problem solved.

    - Create a dummy shortcut in appdeploy repackeger
    - build msi
    - open msi with orca
    - create entry in PROPERTY table

    - edit SHORTCUT table
    DirectoryPath = SHORTCUTPATH
    - save
    - Deploy msi on testsystem

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Are you creating an MSI installer?

Answered 08/26/2013 by: dj_xest
Fifth Degree Black Belt

  • Yes.

    - Start AppDeploy Repackager
    - Select MSI Builder
    - Installation was executed successfully and the shortcuts are created in the Startmenue.

    - Create Shortcut before build MSI - i create a Shortcut but i can not define a custom Startmenu Folder. If i select App.exe the Icon was created and the app is running fine. If i select app.exe /F /puc with paramters - the Shortcut is created in Startmenue but without Icon.

    - Build MSI
    - Deploy MSI
    - Only one Shortcut is created. Why the other Shortcuts, which are created in the install process are not created?

    1. Why the other Shortcuts will not be created which are created in the install process?
    2. How can i Change Location in Startmenue with AppDeploy Repackager?
    3. How can i add Parameters to the Shortcut creation in AppDeploy Repackager?
  • Hello. Please refer to your questions 2 and 3 on bkelly's answer above - Use ORCA or InstEd to change location and add parameters. For question number 1, it could be that your other shortcuts do not belong to a component or feature. Try and fix it.
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