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I'll let my noob colors show a little bit. I'm studying up on my Windows 7 70-680 exam for certification and I see how you can use ImageX to create .wim images for deployment. It goes on to say that you can use DISM to slip .cab files into your .wim. My question is where do we come up with the .cab files to slip in? Is this a repackaging task? Is it the same process for drivers, programs, and patches? How have you approached this in your environment. Just trying to think beyond the exam for implementation at this point and want to see how it works in the real world. Thanks!


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This is how they add the files with the KBEM

as example

dism "/Image:%BUILD_DIR%\mount" "/Add-Package:%SOURCE_DIR%\WinPE_FPs\WinPE-HTA.cab"
dism "/Image:%BUILD_DIR%\mount" "/Add-Package:%SOURCE_DIR%\WinPE_FPs\WinPE-MDAC.cab"
dism "/Image:%BUILD_DIR%\mount" "/Add-Package:%SOURCE_DIR%\WinPE_FPs\WinPE-Scripting.cab"
dism "/Image:%BUILD_DIR%\mount" "/Add-Package:%SOURCE_DIR%\WinPE_FPs\WinPE-WMI.cab"

dism "/Image:%BUILD_DIR%\mount" "/Add-Package:%SOURCE_DIR%\WinPE_FPs\en-us\WinPE-HTA_en-us.cab"
dism "/Image:%BUILD_DIR%\mount" "/Add-Package:%SOURCE_DIR%\WinPE_FPs\en-us\WinPE-MDAC_en-us.cab"
dism "/Image:%BUILD_DIR%\mount" "/Add-Package:%SOURCE_DIR%\WinPE_FPs\en-us\WinPE-Scripting_en-us.cab"
dism "/Image:%BUILD_DIR%\mount" "/Add-Package:%SOURCE_DIR%\WinPE_FPs\en-us\WinPE-WMI_en-us.cab"


Answered 04/12/2013 by: SMal.tmcc
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  • this give the pe env added support for those modules
  • Right, I saw the commands in my training kit, but then it dawned on me. If I'm doing my reference build on Machine A, and I want to add drivers from Machine B, how would I get the .cab files to use with these commands?
    • they add the drivers from the kbox with dism, you just need to know the location of the drivers
      dism "/Image:%BUILD_DIR%\mount" /Add-Driver /Driver:drivers_%BUILD_ARCH% /Recurse /ForceUnsigned
      • on a remote machine you can \\machine\c$\...
        you would get them from the drivers folder under system
  • If you have the KBEM installed, when you have it running look into your temp folder and you will the kbe_man dir, look in it and you will see a real world use in the batch file there.
  • Thank you, that does help!
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