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I am trying to boot into the k2000 with an uefi PC.
I found this article explaining the process:

I've created a USB using the install.exe, but the USB gets recognised as a legeacy boot option.
I've tried both the NTFS and the fat32/uefi option.

What am i missing here?

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  • This might not be what you're looking for, but you can still deploy a UEFI image from a legacy boot environment.
    • This could be an option too.
      Though i am not trying to deploy an image, but a scripted install.. Does this matter?

      If i were to deploy through a legacy mode, it would be done like this right?:

      1. Set bios to legacy

      2. Run Kace2000 rutines

      3. change bios back to uefi (before post installs i assume?)
      • Yes something like that, if you want to use SecureBoot it won't work because you'd need to allow legacy booting, so it would be ideal to use UEFI all around but technically possible to boot the computer UEFI and allow legacy booting as well.

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Try this.

Read this

Should point you in the right direction - your boot/build/KACE build junk needs to be EFI supported.
Answered 07/19/2016 by: rileyz
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