The company I am consulting for has multiple regions across the world. These regions would like to have a countdown timer/notification box that pops up that either allows them to start the install or delay it. Here is the catch: They do NOT want to use the Software Center alerts because it doesn't look right, they do not wish to use the PowerShell Deployment Toolkit because it is an extra step in the packaging process, and they wish not to create a dependency for the software to be installed. I have tried to explain to them that "what you see is what you get." If you know of any other way, please let me know so we may test it in our environment.
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  • "it doesn't look right"? I hate clients like that. Here's the bottom line; they can use it "as-is" or spend months and tens of thousands of dollars to have someone write something they find more appealing. Jeez. Sorry you're stuck with them!
    • I second that. Cheerz!
  • sounds very pleasant. (not). I have had this. you either get used to SCCM or go 'outside' either a VBS or a Powershell, but either way, its an extra step and something that has to be added. Stick with SCCM is my advice, they will get used to it. Its not perfect, but its OK
  • I built an HTA for a client (sorry - they own the source code) which read properties from the MSI to populate the text which the users saw. Being an HTA, it meant I could use HTML to build the UI. It ended up having a style sheet associated with it, meaning that it was almost infinitely customisable in terms of background pictures, colours, etc.

    It was a load of work - months, actually but hey! They were happy to pay to get the result they wanted! ;-)
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Answered 09/26/2014 by: rodtrent
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