I've looked at some previous questions regarding the "Add Account" prompt in the Citrix Receiver installation.
But I haven't seen anything yet either in documentation regarding the installer, and automating the "Add Account" procedure.

My customer has approximately 300 clients where the Citrix Receiver should be installed.

All of the clients are supposed to use the same account (ex. citrix.domain.no), and I'm wondering if it's possible to do this by command line parameters, or maybe a setup_config... or something similar.

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Patrick Liseth Egeland
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  • I don't specifically know this Citrix package, but my approach to any problem where application pre-configuration is required is to first check whether the vendor provides any documentation, or the vendor forums offer any solution. If not, I would install the software up to the point where the Add Account prompt appears, then perform a capture of the remainder of the installation and determine where the parameters you have entered are stored. Often, it will be in the user registry, or in a configuration file in the user profile. Once I have that information, an automated process can be added to the installation to insert the necessary content. It's only where the vendor starts using encryption that this approach won't work.
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