right, I ave an msi installer and during an attended install there is a dialog box that pops up with four check boxes.

By default all of these are checked, I need to apply a transform that only has one of these selected.

I'm pretty sure I can see the properties that need changing but have no idea how to get it to do what I want it to!

The software in question is ODEX Enterprise by Data Interchange PLC.

There are four entries under the CustomAction table:

Action Type Source Target
CustomCheckA_SetProperty_CHECKBOX1 307 INSTALL_SERVER 1
CustomCheckA_SetProperty_CHECKBOX2 307 INSTALL_ADMIN 1
CustomCheckA_SetProperty_CHECKBOX3 307 INSTALL_ WKS 1
CustomCheckA_SetProperty_CHECKBOX4 307 INSTALL_CMR 1

The only one I'm interested in for my unattended install is checkbox 3 which performs the workstation install.

I can't work out how this relates to the running isntaller, and how I can get it to only check the one box!

I'm very new to this messing about with msi files, have only ever had to leave them standard or use Installshield installers :P

Any ideas much appreciated.
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You should be able to capture the necessary changes by creating a response Transform (MST). If you need a tool, InstallTailor is now available free from Wise: http://www.wise.com/installtailor.asp

Using this tool (or InstallShiled Tuner) will take you through an interactive installation and capture the properties adjusted as you make your choices. The results are saved as a MST you can deploy with your vendor provided package.

You show custom actions setting these options, which could mean this is a more tricky package than usual- however in 99% of the cases InstallTailor or Tuner are the right tools for the job.
Answered 06/29/2005 by: bkelly
Red Belt

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Excellent, just what I'm after!

I was only saying to a collegue yesterday how nice it would be to have something that "watching" the install then created an MST based on selections made during the install.

We've played about with a demo version of the installsheild admin studio, but to be honest I never really had the time to sit down and have a good play.

Will check out installtailer, if it works fine for us it beats hunting through mounds of stuff I don't understand in Orca!
Answered 06/29/2005 by: swwdesktops
Senior Yellow Belt

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Sadly still not working, the mst created doesn't seem to change what I want :(
Answered 06/29/2005 by: swwdesktops
Senior Yellow Belt

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All done now :)

Used Orca to creaet a transform that drops


from the CustomAction, InstallExecuteSequence and InstallUIsequence and it now does the job.
Answered 06/29/2005 by: swwdesktops
Senior Yellow Belt

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