I've never seen this before but I am getting a warning on a msiexec /x /qn {.....} which says 'If you continue with ths uninstall, 2 or more products may stop working properly. Do you want to continue with this unisntall anyway?'.

  This warning is preventing the silent uninstall.  Anyone know how I can put an /ignore or something like that?



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  • Presumably this is VC++ Runtime? In which case, why bother uninstalling? Leave it.
  • True. But I like to be tidy (sometimes) ;-)

    I've found the answer anyway. When it is installed there is a folder (in my case):
    C:\ProgramData\Package Cache\{ca67548a-5ebe-413a-b50c-4b9ceb6d66c6}
    which had a 445kb file vcredist_x64.exe
    I renamed mine to vcredist_x64_uninstall.exe

    you can then do this
    vcredist_x64_uninstall.exe /uninstall /quiet /norestart
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