For example, if I have some pictures,music or documents on desktop and in My documets folder, scripted installation migration saves it and puts it on C disk under Windows.old folder in new Windows.

But, in companies I believe people want to find their personal data after migration, right where they left it... is that possible,maybe with custom scripts ???

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  • sorry guys, i've just now had time to try your advices...

    @ BHC-Austin - you were correct, data has been saved to <systemdrive>\Users\"profile"... i used USMT 4.0.

    BUT, is there a way for KACE or USMT to return saved files back to their original location (read my second paragraph of previous comment)...

    If I have for example, .doc file on my desktop in Win XP, how can KACE or USMT move it to desktop in Win 7 and not in c:\localdisk\Users\"migrated_profile"... ??? -> that is what I want... !!!!
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The K2000 has the ability to take advantage of Microsoft's User State Migration Tool (USMT). If you go to the "User States" section under the Library tab, you can find more information. You can either capture the user state online using the Wizard on the K2000 or, there is also a pre-install script to capture user states offline at the beginning of a scripted install or image deployment. Then, there is a post install script to deploy the user state back to the system.

Answered 12/23/2013 by: BHC-Austin
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  • Yes, i already did that, both online and offline, with default and with custom template...

    But I'm asking how can I modify KACE's ability to restore saved files/folders to their original locations (where they were before migration) after migration is complete...

    So if I have something on my desktop, I want to have it again on the desktop after migration (NOT in Windows.old folder)...
    • Odd... USMT shouldn't be putting anything into the Windows.old. Do you have the "Deply User States" Post-Install task added to your install? When you deploy the user state back to the system, it should create the user profile under <systemdrive>\Users. The one thing you need to make sure of is that you are using the right version. USMT 3 is for when the target OS is XP, while USMT 4 is for target OS of Vista/7. So if going from XP to 7, you would want to use 4.
      • I believe BHC has nailed it on the head. We had a similar problem and I believe we were, at the time, using v3 for Windows 7 and it was putting everything in the .old folder. After upgrading to the latest we've not had any issues.
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