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Has anyone worked on this particular version of "BMC Remedy 7.6.04 SP3".  If so, could you please share your experience here.  I am having hard time finding a silent install for this.



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We use 7.0.01 and i could not find a silent install for this so had to do a setup capture with adminstudio to get an msi file to use silently.

Answered 04/30/2012 by: GAKIS
Fourth Degree Green Belt

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I have always done a setup capture for Remedy applications. you can use any tool lokie Admins Studio/ WISE for capturing it.

Answered 04/30/2012 by: piyushnasa
Red Belt

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An answer file does not work with the newer versions of BMC Remedy user (7.5 +). The vendor provides a an options.txt file that you need to modify to install the applications and options your organization needs. The options.txt file is a beast, but once you determine what options you need and modify them, you can script the install. Things to consider: I needed to edit a reg key to not delete the temp files that were extracted before the install completed. I also had to copy the install files to the local drive and run the script from there. Apparently the options.txt file will only work from a local path. Here is the script:

c:\Remedy76\Disk1\InstData\VM\setup.exe -i silent -DOPTIONS_FILE=c:\Remedy76\Disk1\InstData\VM\Options.txt

After the install completes, run a script to delete the local folder.

OH..and BTW..you need an options.txt file for the uninstall as well. You will need to modify it to uninstall the options you chose to install.

Answered 07/24/2012 by: kjacober
Senior Yellow Belt

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  • I used the same method. I had orignally tried using 7.6.04, but after many unsuccessful attempts we contacted BMC and found that there was an issue with the installer performing a silent install in this way and were instructed to use 7.6.04 SP3. Issue resolved..
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skt, thanks for that tip, but this doesn't work with this.  The best way out was to do setup capture.  So GAKIS & piyushnasa, thanks for the idea.



Answered 05/10/2012 by: 786_ak
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You need to create answer file for the setup.exe, than use that *.iss file to install silent. 

Answered 05/07/2012 by: skt
Orange Senior Belt

  • Well that's exactly what I'm trying to do for version 7.6.4 and it won't create the answer file... I tried "setup.exe -r C:\Tmp\Install.txt" and it will create the text file with only the following content:
    # Thu May 17 14:51:04 EDT 2012
    # Replay feature output
    # ---------------------
    # This file was built by the Replay feature of InstallAnywhere.
    # It contains variables that were set by Panels, Consoles or Custom Code.

    It contains no actual data from the choices I made when installing the product.

    I also tried with the "setup.exe" that uncompresses in the Temp folder and the result it the same. Do you have any ideas?
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