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When computers (or users) are removed from inventory, any tickets associated with the computer will reopen.  Is there a way to prevent this or a better way to manage our licenses?  I searched and found similar issues but nothing that answered my question.  Even some custom scripting that could be added to my current would be helpful.


(some custom scripting - required ticket fields to close, update notifications for unattended tix)
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Use the archival function for users and devices. 
Inventory | Devices | (Choose Action) | Configure MIA Settings 
Choose Archive MIA asset devices
(or from the dropdown archive)

Settings| Users | (Choose Action) | Archive
Answered 05/11/2018 by: Nico_K
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  • So it must be one of my scripts causing tickets to reopen. We have this on and set to archive after 30 days (Automatic is unchecked?) I used one of the rules from this site to make Category and Resolution required to close a ticket. That must have something to do with the reopen after hardware is deleted? It seems that when the hardware or user is removed, the ticket reopens.