Please help me with this scenario

I installed an application and that is working fine in admin mode. But, in user mode it's not working. What are the reasons and how to troubleshoot this?

Answer Summary:
Use FileMon and RegMon (Inbuilt in ProcessMonitor) to identify the permission issues..
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Use FileMon and RegMon (Inbuilt in ProcessMonitor) to identify the permission issues..

Answered 07/23/2012 by: jagadeish
Red Belt

  • Oh, K Other than that and how to resolve this?
  • I would recommend you to go with this method.. So that you can identify all permission issue with the application.. If you go with other methods like capturing the runtime registries/files and adding them to package is a big process and also you have to give permission to those files/folders..etc.. So, If you want to identify the issues in one shot, proceed with ProcessMon...
  • >Use FileMon and RegMon
    Forget these and use ProcMon. It comprises the essence of these two tools and has none of the restrictions.
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"Not working" isn't a particularly helpful description of the problem, is it?

Anyone who had even a basic knowledge of operating systems would conclude that this is likely to be connected with the permissions that an admin-level user has over and above those of an ordinary user.

It scares the Hell out of me that your employer is letting somebody with so little knowledge of basic OS principles loose on their workstation estate.

Get some proper training before you do some serious damage.

Answered 07/23/2012 by: VBScab
Red Belt

  • http://www.amazon.com/Windows-For-Dummies-Book-Bundle/dp/0470523980
  • AH VB, I have missed your entertaining and true comments. Hate this new format with a passion and looking for another place for serious packagers.
    • dandirk, I'd be very interested in hearing what it is we can do to make you hate this new format a little less ;-)

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It should be related with the permissions for normal user. Try to give permissions to the folder where the main exe of shortcut resides....

Answered 07/25/2012 by: vmnit
Third Degree Blue Belt

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Hi Flag,

the error code in format nn-nnnnnnnn give you a first hint.
Check out www.app-v.info/app-v_error_codes.html for a possible solution.

Setting the "__COMPAT_LAYER" variable may solve your problem.


Answered 07/23/2012 by: vkleiner
Orange Senior Belt

  • Thank you. Here above my question is regarding to Admin studio or Wise and not on App-v. Any ways Thanks.
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check permissions for the installdir. Modify permission to folder will solve this problem.

Answered 07/23/2012 by: akashrayban
Yellow Belt

  • Just like that you should not give permissions to INSTALLDIR.. Identify which files/folders in INSTALLDIR need permission..Proper investigaton needs to be done before giving any permissions to Users group.. Your package should work in Lockdown environment.. If nothing is helping then you can think on giving permission to INSTALLDIR..
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