We are a Fiserv Precision bank and we are just starting to implement the K2000.  Has anyone created the scripts for the installs for deployment?  
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  • I haven't worked specifically with the Precision products, but about 75% of the time with other Fiserv products I can get the command line parameters for a silent or unattended install by launching the installer from the command line with a /?.

    /S (case sensitive) is pretty common for their installers I have used so far (but not always).
    • If that is true, and the K2 is running 4.1.1148, might be affected by this issue:

      "Application task command lines are changed to be entirely lowercase, causing case sensitive Application tasks to fail. Please note that the web interface still shows the correct casing, but the corresponding Task Engine XML command line entries are all lowercase."

      The workaround is to deploy it via BAT file zipped with the .exe
      • We are very new to this, would you happen to have an example of this?
      • It is hit or miss. From what I can tell, some of their applications are where they acquired a company and it is either "as is" when they purchased them, or at best with some minimal rebranding. Others are obviously reworked.

        In any case if you start installing different products from them it usually isn't long before you run into an app with a different look/feel/command line switches.

        I KNOW that I have installed at least a half-dozen products from them where it had the "upper case only" /S switch to trigger the silent install.
      • abratton which part are you unfamiliar with?
        - getting the proper command line entries to silently install the app?
        - creating the BAT file?
        - zipping it into an .exe file?
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  • Mainly getting the proper command line entries. I have the install.ini file so I know the Property names and values I want them set to but I don't know how to script it. I know how to create a BAT file and I know I can zip the .exe and BAT file and then upload it to Kace.
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@abratton Create a new Application Post install task, call the EXE and add it's parameters via .BAT file

Answered 09/18/2017 by: Channeler
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