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Any clues for uninstall switches for EPI Info7. I cant seem to google any

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Hi there,

I downloaded the installer (not the .zip) from their site. I ran the following command in Command Prompt: EI7_Setup.exe /?

This showed the following prompt with switches for silent installations:

Most of the time you can run the '/?' switch to get a help page like the one above for the software you are installing.

Hope that helps!

Answered 11/29/2018 by: feeldamped
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  • thanks yeah I have used this function. Alhtough I dont find the uninstall switches
    • Ah, sorry. I must have glanced over the uninstall part of the question. Dunnpy's answer should work for finding the uninstall switch.

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Find the uninstall string from the registry 'HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall' (or the WOW6432Node entry) and look what ARP is running for a manual uninstall.

I suspect that there'll be an equivalent InstallShield executable that is being called - try the /? switch on that get to the uninstall switches.


Answered 11/30/2018 by: dunnpy
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/V parameters to MsiExec.exe

It's clearly extracting an MSI so why not use that with MSIExec for installing/uninstalling?

Answered 12/05/2018 by: VBScab
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