I've packaged Adobe Acrobat 7 with an incorperated custom action to call the uninstall string of Adobe Reader 5.0, tested it and it installs fine, removing Adobe Reader 6 (automatically, if detected) and 5 (due to the custom action).

The problem is that Adobe Distiller 5 (the full acrobat version) uses exactly the same uninstall string as the reader. So in referencing this uninstall string to remove Adobe Reader 5.0 it will inadvertantly remove Adobe Distiller 5.0 as well.

In comparing the uninst.isu of each, the file for Reader 5.0 is 117KB and for Distiller it's 566KB. I haven't seen anything in the forum yet that elaborates on how to:

1. Incorperate custom script actions to interogate these file sizes and store the resulting value for referenceing in the next step.
2. Determine whether the target computer has Adobe Reader or Adobe Distiller using an 'if' statement to match the associated file size to the product, and:
3. Upon determining whether the uninst.isu is for Adobe Reader 5.0 or Adobe Distiller 5.0, uninstall Adobe Reader 5.0 if the uninst.isu file size is 117 KB or leave Adobe Distiller 5.0 installed if the uninst.isu file size is 566KB.

As neither the reader or the full version have product ID strings that can be referenced for this purpose, this is the only method I can think of which would distinguish between the two versions, and leave Adobe Distiller 5.0 installed if it is detected. Any help would be appreciated in creating such custom actions (or scripts).

If it helps, I am using Wise Packaging Studio 5.6 with the QA module.

Many thanks!

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Hi skit:

I think u r trying to uninstall acrobat using the uninstall string and its same for distiller and adobe reader 5. And there is the problem. I think u should write a wise scipt using the get registry key custom action instead of using the unstall string, u can use the display version regisrty key(HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\{Product code}\DisplayName) for searching the installed product. Then u can use a condition to install, uninstall a product depending on this registry key value (DisplayVersion).

When u write the wise script dont forget to declare a variable which will store the registry key value.

Then u can set a property(which u hav to create) to sum value depending on the value of display version.

If u require any help in writing the wise scritp plz feel free to revert.

After writing the script u can call this script from ur msi using the Run WiseScript From Installation or Run WiseScript From Installed Files. This script will be called depending on the property value.

For example lets say u create a property ADOBEVERSION
then u can write a conditional statement

If ADOBEVERSION~="Some value" then
do this......

if u need any futher support plz revert to me.
Answered 09/26/2005 by: akhlaque
Orange Senior Belt

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So I take it when installing Distiller, it also installed Reader? How else would two lines in A/R get in there with the same product code? It's very odd. Maybe there's a property in the original install that would leave out the Reader install... then you could just reinstall it?
I'm sure this Wise script idea above works too.
Answered 09/26/2005 by: turbokitty
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Hi turbo:

Its not clear what u want to do turbo? u dont want to install reader? then ther must b some option in the distiller installation. Plz clarify.
Answered 09/27/2005 by: akhlaque
Orange Senior Belt

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Hi All,

I'm having this same problem, uninstalling Acrobat Reader 5.x automatically, and I haven’t been able to find a solution. Here are the problems I’m having.

Acrobat Reader 5.x isn’t installed by MSI, so there is no GUID entry in “HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Current Version\Uninstall” (like there is for 6.x). The only relevant entry in Uninstall is “Acrobat 5.0”. Both Acrobat Reader and Writer use the “Acrobat 5.0” section to store their uninstall information. So if Reader 5.x and Writer 5.x are installed on the workstation, it stores the uninstall string for the last one installed (which is always the Writer). I can’t let my script uninstall the writer, and I would rather not leave Acrobat Reader 5.x installed.

I’m wondering if anybody else has been able to accomplish this, or if anybody has any ideas.

Answered 11/18/2005 by: jonathan_fhlbc
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Adobe told you in the readme.txt that you must NOT install both on the same machine [;)]
Answered 01/19/2006 by: moonman
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I inherited this problem, but now I can see why they would advise against it.
Answered 01/19/2006 by: jonathan_fhlbc
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