Hi, I am doing a packaging Support. already the previous packager made a package. and he left. Now I joined this project and the user wants some xml files to add. These xml files act as profile for the app. But the user doenot know the destination of this xml file. I checked with the previous version. I checked the transform. He has not used for adding file. That guy used to do with script wrapper.   So question is how to add that file. Please help me.

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  • Actually the biggest challenge for me is to know where would i add... which destination folder i would give... the user who wants these files to be added also don't know. .... he just showed two MSIs where the previous packager used different xml files. But I am not able to locate the files inside MSI.
    HOW can I CHECK the xml fies inside the MSI.
    there is one transform. I checked with transform and I saw it made changes only in two properties in Property table. There is a cab file in the same directory.
    One wise script is used and the wise script package is our installation package.
    When I run the wisescript.exe it will give user to choose option to which profile he wants to install (two departments- A or B). Depending on the users choice the scripts directs to the proper msi directory and it gets installed. So question is how the xml files are being added.
  • I got the answer today while I search the wise script. That wise script tries to store some registry entries and that is what are xml. Actually XML files are never added anywhere. Xml files generally does the configuration. And we create the registry entries for those xml..... That's the solution I can think of. I will give the final touch... Miracle is xml is never added...
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OPen MSI with an editor, drag in the XML to the correct location, update productcode and version number save with a new filename.

As editor you can use an old Wise Package Studio, Flexera InstallShield or even ORCA (just read online on how to add file with a table editor).

Good luck@!


Answered 11/13/2013 by: EVEEN
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  • Thank You.. I could not find the destination location of that file... Is that possible the file is in the external cab or might be inside the internal cab. Anyhow it should give the path of that file after installation, right.... or is there any other option? I didnot check that files are called by externally uncompressed. there is no such entry in media file.
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Installed the previous application,,check where that file gets installed, run setupcapture and add new file or replace it with previous XML file. create a new MSI.

Second option is create new component with new files and with location u found out after installaing previous version package.

Answered 11/13/2013 by: appfreak
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  • Thanks... I did not fnd any location of the file. I tried this time with setupcapture. I tried to capture what changes it would make after I made a profile myself. It only generated one xml file in the registry. ... Please help and see my other comments.
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There's two paths you can take, depending on the amount of time you have available.

First; if you have to have this done ASAP, simply create a script that runs the MSI and then copy the XML files.  Is it pretty? No, but it gets the job done.

If you don't have a tight deadline, there's some things you should investigate.  An XML file can be copied as a file, or it can be built like an INI file.  Either case can be executed as a Custom Action within the MSI or the MST, or it could be something that's occuring in the script you mention.


But this all requires you to figure out where the XML file is to reside - but how can that be? Unless I'm not reading you correctly, it sounds as if you have these files but you don't know where they're supposed to be copied.  That tells me the person giving you the file doesn't know what he is doing with the files.


Whatever you wind-up doing, do not create a new MSI (recapture or otherwise).  You have a transform so you should just modify it and save yourself some grief.

Answered 11/13/2013 by: vjaneczko
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  • Thank You... There are two MSI directory....one for each department..and according to the user the xml files are the only thing that makes the difference to those two msi's. Transform is noway used by the previous packager... There's some possible option for me.... I would check the difference between those two msis using some tool in WisePackage. U said something about ini file. there are some ini files in the msi directory..... One question I want to ask.. If the xml file is copied as a file that should reside somewhere inside the internal cabinet file or external cabinet. ... right? ...if it is used by custom action it must be created after installation...right? ....if ini files are called by custom actions then I have not checked it..... One thing those msi directory s have one ini file each.... I need to check them......... Or should I close the ticket saying not enough information...
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