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I am wondering if there is a way to create one LDAP label that has different info in the BaseDN window?   I would like to include all the computers in one label but my computers are in different OU's in AD.  But I dont want all the OU's that are in the root of the OU structure.

For example:

OU folder is IT and there are sob folders like Manufacturing, Research and HR.  I want to only get the computers that are in Research and HR and not the pcs in Manufacturing.  Is it possible to do this in one LDAP label or do I need to create one for HR and one for Research?



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  • Try this. In the Base DN just list the domain. In the Advanced Search use this format (&( cn=) ( cn= )) and put the two OU folders in the parentheses.

    If it chokes on that add the samAccountName=KBOX_USER_NAME
  • Thanks Andrew, I will give that a try

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