Access 2010 file corrupt. Gibberish in the table

I have an .mdb file that consists of code, tables, reports and forms. This .mdb is splitted into a front end and back end. Sometimes I need make any alterations in it, but always was no problem with it, until recently. One day I saw a gibberish in the table and if I am trying to open a form or a report pops up an error: The Microsoft JET Database Engine could not find the input table or query “Table or Query Name”. I am confused. How do I restore my file except recovering from a backup?

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Posted by: anonymous_9363 7 years ago
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>Sometimes I need make any alterations in it,
>except recovering from a backup?

You set about altering a database without first saving a safety copy somewhere? Sorry, chum, but only a fool would do that. I'll bet your machine back-up cycle runs along the lines of "I'll do that tomorrow."

You could try any of the myriad tools out there that claim to repair databases but, before running any of them...can you guess what my suggestion is going to be?

Posted by: DuchessAvice 7 years ago
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The causeof your issue is AutoCorrect, I am quite sure. Microsoft creates this featurefor help with renaming, but it mostly bugged than useful as a result. Turningoff this option must help in case. But first make a new db blank, then go toTools/Options/Current Database - turn off AutoCorrect check boxes and add allthe data into a new created blank. That`s it. And you should do this every timeyou are going to create a new database unfortunately.

Also Iadvise to set minimal references and compile from debug menu.

And if youstill unable to handle the problem, then all the tech forums are waiting foryou :D jokes aside, try to find some forum threads related with such issue, forexample: http://www.filerepairforum.com/forum/microsoft/microsoft-aa/access/1435-access-database-2003-became-corrupt-after-power-outage-what-gives

there canbe an interesting information for you. 

Posted by: alva114 7 years ago
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 If you don't want to restore the datafrom backup recover the corrupt or damaged Access database via Access Repair Tool.When I faced the corruption issue I was very disappointed by thanks to myfriend she recommended to me to use a third party tool.

Posted by: aron_chappel 2 years ago
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You may receive this error message if Accesscannot find the table or the query in the database, if a link points to anexternal file that does not exist, or if the external file has been moved to anew location. This error can also occur if a deleted or renamed table or queryis referenced on the Lookup tab of another table.


To troubleshoot this behavior, do the following:

  • Check to ensure that the table or query exists. If it does not exist,you can remove all references to it, or if it is a missing table, reimport orrelink the table. If it is a missing query, reimport or re-create the query.Often the RecordSource property of a form or a report contains a reference to atable or a query whose name has changed or which has been deleted.
  • Ifthe table or query exists, it is likely that there is a syntax error or aspelling error in the reference to it. If so, correct the syntax error orspelling error in the reference.
  • Whenyou try to open a linked table, the source table may not be in the path thatyou specified when it was first linked. If you have moved the file, you can usethe Linked Table Manager to update the link information.

To Repair the database, you can try Compact and Repair method. If it won't work then you can repair your database by using Access database repair software

Posted by: EdT 7 years ago
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Accept that the file is hosed and revert to the backup. Life is too short to waste time on this. Make sure you have a backup before any edit operation and you are safe from whatever factor caused this corruption.
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