I just upgraded to 5.5 this morning. Will run the hotfix shortly.

On 4/26/2013 I noticed the Settings > K1000 Agent > Agent Updates from Kace > Enabled [checkbox] was unchecked. I checked it then. The Update Broken Agents and Deploy to All Machines checkboxes were already checked.

After the upgrade today, I noticed the Enabled checkbox is unchecked again. Not sure if it happened in the interim or by way of the 5.5 upgrade.

When I check it and try to save, I get the prompt "You have not limited the distribution to any labels or machines. Deploy to all machines?"

What's that mean? If I have a machine in Kace, then is not already running the agent and shouldn't it get an update if one is available?



Answer Summary:
When the KACE Appliance receives a new update it will un-check the box automatically so that you can choose when to deploy and you can also limit deployment for testing purposes.
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Our upgrade turned it off.  I asssume it is a saftey so you do not start pushing the new cleint till you are ready to do that.  The warning about no label appiled is a standard question so you are aware that you are sending something to all machines in kace.

Answered 01/31/2014 by: SMal.tmcc
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  • The granularity allows you to stage the client out if you want to test it for problems first or push it in steps
    • This is a good time for some related clarification. If you want this on a different thread, I'm fine with it. Didn't want to flood too many separate questions.

      I'm on a fed campus. When we first got Kace, NTLM 1 was acceptable. About a week later it wasn't and that prevented us from using Kace's Agent provisioning. I use a GPO and haven't little problems with that. The clarification I need is about how existing agent installs handle the upgrades.

      Say a machine named Scooby has an existing agent installed. Then a new agent is uploaded to our K1000. A few minutes later I update the GPO.

      Does Scooby get the updated agent from the K1000? or from the GPO? I guess a third option could be that it's possible to get it from either, but the point of my inquiry is to learn if existing agent installs will get updated agents from Kace even if the GPO is not yet updated.
      • if you turn agents update from kace on and also have a gpo, it would be determined by who the machine checked in first with. I use the kace agent updates and it has flowed very well here. As soon as you enable the update agents settings any machines in kace already could starting installing the new agent. The GPO is a good safety if someone uninstalls the the agent the domain will put it back
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The Checkbox is unchecked if you upload the new package.
So you can check the agents if you want, download the msi for installing it etc.
It will not rolled out by accident.

Answered 02/01/2014 by: Nico_K
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The "Deploy to all machines" prompt is always seen when you check a box stating you want to do so. It's just a sfaeguard to force you to think about what you're doing as you rarely want to apply anything to all machines (the agent upgrade being an exception). 


I assume the box is unchecked as a result of your upgrade (unchecked by default).

Answered 01/31/2014 by: rockhead44
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ok. Sounds like what I was thinking. Just needed confirmation.

Thank you gentlemen ...er maybe a lady. I guess IDK.


Answered 01/31/2014 by: murbot
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