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After correcting all the post install tasks to work with the 3.6 all seems fine except for when deploying a new PC, the deployment gets stuck almost at last post task: Apply KUID to K1000 Agent.

The last 4 tasks include:




K1000 Agent Software 5.5.30275

In progress

In progress


Apply KUID to K1000 Agent




Enable UAC






The machine looks fine, it even shows in K1, so it gets a proper KUID, but still it stays at this task for very long time. The KACE folder and kcleanup.exe are still present on C drive until the deployment eventually finishes many hour latter.

I left this overnight and it completed eventually, after 5 hours or so.

I am not sure if this may be related to the fact that once the PC gets K1000 agent, it gets K1000 managed software installed automatically as it gets into a smart label that has Managed Installs attached to it.  Not sure if we need to or how we could prevent this from happening, since as soon as the agent gets installed it reports to K1 and gets the software.

Also I noticed this to be a problem especially on new PCs that were never into our K1, making the "Apply KUID to K1000 Agent" not necessary. However we need to keep it there as we image a mix of new and old PCs.

Do you have any suggestions on how to resolve this issue?





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Sounds like an ordering issue. The ApplyKUID task should be used before installing the agent. In your screen shot, you're applying it afterwards. At that point, a new KUID was already generated since one did not already exist. You are potentially breaking the agent by replacing the KUIDs. In our environment, the ApplyKUID is the first post install task. It doesn't need to be first, but it should definately be applied prior to the agent install.

Answered 03/27/2014 by: SDNBTP
Third Degree Blue Belt

  • I swapped the two and now it gets stuck at next K2 built-in task "Enable UAC".
    Any other ideas as to what may cause this?
    • Strange. I would try adding the apply KUID task as your first task, then agent install as the second task. If it's still freezing in the same spot, you may want to open up a support ticket since we have no control over this task.
      • The reason I kept these two tasks towards the end was the fact that once the Agent is installed K1 Managed installs start deploying and that can mess up the other K2 post tasks and the task engine. Right now as I mentioned it passed both tasks and stuck at "Enable UAC"
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Looks like my issue was not enough logins in the unattend file. Took a reboot off a post task and all went fine after that.

By the way anyone has any ideea on how would one go about adding logins if needed onto an existing sysprep wim image captured in K2?

Answered 03/27/2014 by: nchirtes
Senior White Belt

  • Not sure if that is possible... There are two unattend files after sysprep, Windows\System32\sysprep and Windows\Panther so you'd want to replace both. You don't have write access to peinst so even if you mount the WIM and modify them you wouldn't be able to dump it back into Kace. You could try a file replace during the imaging process as a mid-level task, but I had no success with this, it kept failing.
  • You may be able to add a count to HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\Current Version\Winlogon AutoLogonCount "Number of logins"
    • Is anyone able to confirm if this registry setting works? I was unable to edit the unattend.xml without causing the computer to hang on the splash screen during reboots, so the registry change would be nice.
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