Novell® ZENworks® Patch Management lets you manage the software update and patch process across NetWare® and Windows* operating systems, including the ability to apply all required updates and patches to new installations to match corporate standards; patch all major vendors software, including Novell, Microsoft*, IBM*, Adobe*, Corel*, Symantec*, McAfee*, WinZip, Citrix*, and many others; review detailed patch information to determine what patches are right for your organization; target specific machines to ensure that the correct machines get the correct patches; schedule the update times; and generate reports on patch compliance. This product requires an evaluation license key in order to run. To obtain an evaluation license key for ZENworks Patch Management, click here. A 90-day/100-device license key will then be provided to you. This evaluation key will be required during the installation process of the ZENworks Patch Management product."

Download Size
323.8 MB
License Type
90 Day Eval
OS Support
Netware & Windows