At the Dell KACE Konference, I will learn how to significantly improve my efficiency by reducing the time I need to spend

on many daily tasks such as software distribution, patching, asset management and more. This will not only make me

much more efficient, but will free up time to focus on more strategic issues.


I will also be learning how to implement these processes on our Dell KACE Appliance, so I can start improving my

efficiency as soon as I arrive at training!


Additionally there are  sessions on the product roadmap, best practices presented by other system administrators, a

Genius Bar where I can get questions answered, hands-on lab sessions, access to Dell KACE technical resources and

more. I will be able to expand my systems management pedigree and bring this knowledge back to the office.

 am confident that the Dell KACE Konference will

pay for itself very quickly and will continue to pay off over time.”


The main points are:

1.      I would be training in an environment with Dell Kace experts in a group and 1x1 setting. It would be nice seeing as how we are a new Dell Kace user to get some extended training beyond that which is provided to us from the Jump Start program.

2.      One of the key note speakers is the head of the Dell Kace entity. It says on their web site that he will be discussing and previewing the road map for Dell Kace. I think that it would be stellar to hear it up front. Which would position our little IT shop to be ahead of some, and ready for change.

3.      There would be some great networking possibilities.