In this series, we've talked about troubleshooting a bunch. In XP, there was 'one big log file' which handled everything.

In Windows 7, you learned that there was a bunch of areas (Event log locations) to help you determine what was wrong, with which area, and what was the culprit.

Both XP and Windows 7 have the Group Policy Preferences ability. You'll get the ability to deliver shortcuts, drive maps, printers, and a whole lot more.

And nothing could ever go wrong with that, right?


Group Policy Preferences are great, but they do come with some challenges. You'll need to make sure your skill set is up to date with regard to troubleshooting the Group Policy Preferences.

In this blog post, you'll learn how to do just that.

Watch this 'deep dive' topic in Group Policy Preferences troubleshooting, and know how to get out of hot water if you fall into a trap. (That analogy makes no sense, but you get the idea.)