Have you spent much time yet with Group Policies or the newer GPPs?' If you haven't, it's a good time to explore them.' While the policies themselves handle configuring your computers and users, there are additional targeting options which specifically identify who gets what.

At issue, however, are the significant differences between Group Policies and GPPs.' While both use data from WMI to determine which computers and users to target policies, their user interfaces are quite different.' More importantly, there are some types of targeting that are far more difficult (or, impossible) with traditional Group Policy. You can watch my video where I demonstrate how you can use WMI to target policies in Group Policy and Group Policy Preferences.

In this article, Greg shows you five examples of targeting across both Group Policy and GPPs.' These examples you can use today towards solving some real-world problems with policy assignment.' As he shows you, he also yearns for a better solution that unifies policy targeting beneath a single set of validation logic.