This Top 10 list and the 4 key points presented below is a story of how technology is breaking down the great walls of an old teaching system to give not only students but the whole sector a better future. Times are changing fast, and huge decisions are being made. We have developed that interdependence between us and technology, never minding the breakdown that's happening with planet Earth. Scientific knowledge is something that can help the system by forming it, improving its parts, while IT and higher education leaders work together towards the manageable development. When everything is burning down, all the ambitions, faith and commitment – our century, the new modern times are trying to reshape technology into something new and affordable.


In the past, technology was a hidden King of the institution's stack of cards. Most of the time an IT director would only explain different points to the director of an institution, maybe something about a budget, maybe something about the system security, at the most major they would be asked for advice. Nowadays, though, it’s more common to find different impacts on higher education. We are at the point when old-fashioned expenditures cannot cover what is required. The institutions that get the latest IT technology will be the most successful in upcoming decades, if the tech is going to improve the decision-making as well as resource utilization for the sake of gaining knowledge.

The topic of renovating the system of higher education is focused on four different top aspects, each of them represented by several issues from the Top 10 IT issues list for this year:

·        Institutional adaptiveness: represented by issues #3 IT Strategy For Schooling, #6 Affordable Study, #10 Improved Leadership. The ones who lead high tech and study have to gain more understanding of the issues and work together towards the joined forces, because every good institutional plan needs to be memorized. Yet, every step of improvement is very expensive; no institutional budget can justify all the dreams IT teams have to enhance the educational process. Technology will never stop changing and upgrading, so people will need to constantly adapt to new changes in the system. We have to pay attention and manage change to make the process quicker.

·        Improved student outcomes: represented by issues #2 Student Success, #5 Student-focused Study. More focus on student success initiatives has been gained by higher education institutes over the past years, making it increase in percentage. Youth demands more means like PapersOwl Canada to help them study without being judged. They seek more inventiveness throughout the process. Yet, student success doesn't come in one package at once – the improvement has to have a lot of forms in a list of systems. The key element of studying is a student, thus technology is messing with boundaries, trying to optimize user experience and outcomes.

·        Improved decision-making: includes issues #4 Usage Of Information, #8 Data Management and Governance/Digital Integrations. Humanity didn't genuinely learn the value of data and information, which brings us to the best decision outcome. Yes, the professionals can understand what data is, yet the management and governance of it make the task not only technical but also political. Institutions also find it extremely difficult to find out all the values of data to use it in strategy daily.

·        IT adaptiveness: represented by issues #1 Data Safety and #7 Organization and IT Workers. Data Safety has become one of the most vital issues, making it extremely significant in higher education. The number of threats is adding up together with all the money needed for protection. Data safety risk becomes a scare-crow for technology as well as for higher education, and it can be effectively solved by only ERM viewpoint. The place in learning for IT staff became highly uninteresting, making it difficult to have any work done in the sphere. The roles need to be switched, the salary calls to be raised, and the adaptation part has to be consulted better.

The new era of technology is making severe changes throughout all the industries, including schooling one. Remaking higher education with the help of IT needs everyone regardless of their place in the human hierarchy to step in and look deeper into possibilities, responsibilities, changing environment. Everyone out there needs to accept and embrace the changes; adapting themselves to this fact and helping the revolution reach for the best outcome.